CFCyprus Backs Sir Roger Gale MP

CFCyprus Backs Sir Roger Gale MP
CFCyprus supported a fundraiser for Sir Roger Gale, MP for North Thanet and Deputy Chairman of CFCyprus, held in Broadstairs, Kent on Sunday 22 March.
The dinner at a local restaurant saw around 50 members of the Greek Orthodox Community of the Archangel Michael in Margate joined by CFCyprus Chairman Cllr Jason Charalambous and other officers of CFCyprus who travelled from London for the event.
On behalf of the local community, Michael Papadopoulos welcomed those attending, adding that it is the “duty to honour with our vote our true friend Sir Roger Gale who has stood for so many years at the side of the people of Cyprus in seeking a fair solution to the Cyprus problem”. Andreas Papaevripides, Vice President of CFCyprus then praised the character and dedication of Sir Roger Gale adding that “one of the first names of an British politician that anyone will mention in the Cypriot community or in Cyprus as a friend of Cyprus is Sir Roger Gale. That’s because for 30 years Sir Roger has been involved in all positive initiatives in British politics towards Cyprus. Now it is our turn to show to our friends, the friends of Cyprus, that we too are their friends,” he said. Papaevripides then called on the community “to help Sir Roger Gales re-election in every way possible”.
In expressing his gratitude for the kind praise given by the speakers Sir Roger Gale said that “32 years have passed since I was elected for the first time as an MP and I have made many dear friends in the Cypriot community in that time”. He also explained how he has fought consistently for a just solution to the Cyprus problem after first being alerted to it when shortly after he was first elected a Cypriot refugee presented him with a photo of his house in the occupied north of Cyprus. He stressed that “None of us could have ever expected after 40 years a solution would not yet be found, and there are no more excuses for not having a shared homeland. It’s time for a solution” he said. “A just solution for all inhabitants of the island and for a future without occupation troops”. Finally he thanked the community for its long standing and dedicated support and called on voters for their support at the general election and to give him the strength to promote a just solution of the Cyprus problem and continue to work on solving the many important problems of faced by Britain today.
During the dinner the musician Nikos Savvides, who also travelled from London for the event, entertained guests with his guitar, creating a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere to the evening.
Speaking after the event Cllr Jason Charalambous said “friends like Sir Roger Gale are invaluable allies to the Cypriot community in Britain and to British-Cyprus bilateral relations, and every effort should be made to support their re-election on May 7th. Furthermore Sir Roger’s principled and dedicated contribution to public life in Britain makes him a real asset to the House of Commons, and I encourage all those who are able to, to support his re-election, particularly with UKIP being a real and troubling threat in this part of the Country”.
CFCyprus will be holding a campaign day for Sir Roger Gale on 4th April, as well as campaign days across North London and in other consistencies before the general election. Join the mailing list to keep updated of upcoming events.