David Burrowes welcomes election of Mustafa Akinci

David Burrowes welcomes election of Mustafa Akinci

On Sunday David Burrowes, Conservative Candidate for Enfield Southgate, met a group of local Cypriot business people and Cypriot Conservatives who have been actively assisting him over the past few weeks in many ways during the election campaign.

David firstly thanked the Cypriot business people for contributing to the local economy and re-assured them that he will continue having a close interest in supporting small businesses if re-elected.

Cyprus was of course an issue which came up during the meeting and as the results were coming in for a sound victory of Mr Mustafa Akinci, as the new leader of the Turkish Cypriot Community. David welcomed the news as a good prospect for progress in the forthcoming talks due to begin in May in Cyprus.

“The views of Mr Akinci , on the form of the solution are encouraging and his commitment for the return of Famagusta, an issue for which I have been campaigning with you for some time now, are really promising, we just hope Turkey will listen to the voices of these Turkish Cypriots, who genuinely want the island re-united for the benefit of all Cypriots, by achieving a solution based on the UN and Security Council Resolutions and the European Principles”

David thanked everyone for their valuable support during the campaign and he promised to continue raising the Cyprus issue in the House of Commons, and to table the Parliamentary resolution calling for the return if Famagusta if re-elected on 7th May.