Zac Goldsmith pays tribute to London’s Cypriot community

Zac Goldsmith pays tribute to London’s Cypriot community

On Wednesday the Conservative Friends of Cyprus hosted a very well attended Q & A session with Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.

Zac said: “I know the Cypriot community make a huge contribution to London and our economy, running many of the high street shops and small businesses we all rely on.

It’s why keeping our economy strong and growing will be a top priority for me, as part of my Action Plan for Greater London. Now is not to the time to start experimenting with London’s future, instead we need a Mayor will stand up and deliver the jobs, the homes and the transport investment that London needs.

Lastly I’d like to send everyone my best wishes ahead of Greek Orthodox Easter. At a time when so many Christian’s around the world are being persecuted for their faith, Easter offers a moment to reflect on what makes our city great, the diversity and freedom for people of all faiths to live and do well here.”

Jason Charalambous, Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Cyprus, said:

“It is absolutely crucial that we do not allow the Labour party to take control of City Hall and undo all the excellent work done by Boris Johnson as Mayor. Zac Goldsmith is an excellent candidate for Mayor, he has proven how effective he is as a local MP, by standing up for his local community and constituents, and is in the best position to lead London. It is important that all British Cypriots whatever their political persuasion vote for Zac on May 5”.

Dan Thomas, who is campaigning to represent Barnet and Camden at the London Assembly, said he was delighted with how many people came to the event and reconfirmed his support of Barnet’s Cypriot community.

He added, “I am grateful to Jason Charalambous for chairing the meeting which gave members of the community an opportunity to quiz us on important London issues. I will be a strong voice for local people on housing, transport and crime. This is an important election, we cannot let Labour’s Sadiq Khan ruin London”.

The Conservative Friends of Cyprus is a volunteer run organisation, founded in 1992 by Dr Ian Twinn, and seeks to promote the Conservative Party across the UK. It hosts regular public meetings and receptions, and recently hosted a parliamentary delegation to Cyprus with seven Conservative MPs.